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What is ‘Sleep’?

Be it weekends or vacations, whenever we get an opportunity we SLEEP. Why, When, Where, and how much are many questions one can ask, but few questions are worth sleeping over. In this post, we intend to talk about it…. Continue Reading →

The Spirit Of India & the Academic Year at a glance

The Academic Year 2022-23 has been special in many ways, mainly because children were physically back at school. Regular classroom joy, fun during recess, extra-curricular activities at school, Sports Day, and Annual Day everything after two long years! Children, Parents… Continue Reading →

The Flying Diwali 0f 2022

Well, this time it’s not Sahil Sayed writing his experience but me Maryam Sayed (his daughter). It is always exciting to know vacations are coming, we have a break from our routine and an opportunity to plan something interesting. As… Continue Reading →

Educational Trip to Japan

It’s been a long that I shared something on the blog, mostly after COVID I preferred to engage more often offline. We realize a blessing only when it’s taken from us. In this case, temporary yet a long pause. To… Continue Reading →

Summer of 2022 – Darjeeling – Kalimpong – Gangtok – Kolkata

After two long years of the pandemic, we were looking for a long excursion. Long in terms of the number of days and distance from Mumbai; but short in terms of degrees in Celcius. We shortlisted North-East, neither explored by… Continue Reading →

My Experience with Pure Nature Cure

28th & 29th August 2021, Neral. Out of so many workshops and training programs, I choose to attend the two-day in-person workshop – ‘Pure Nature Cure’ for three reasons: Reason 1 – Invited by a trusted friend (Mr. Rupesh Gesota)… Continue Reading →

My experience of MAH M.Ed CET (2021)

On 8th October 2021, I appeared for Maharashtra M.Ed CET. I am here to share my experience in terms of the syllabus and questions being asked in the entrance exam. I am writing this article on 8th October 2021 (same… Continue Reading →

The Spiral Disaster of the Western Coast – Tropical Cyclone Tauktae

Tropical cyclones, hurricanes or typhoons – whatever name one might use, they are all being referred to the same natural hazard which builds up spirally on the water body – depending upon where they occur. Yet it is different from… Continue Reading →

May-illion Dollar Question – How to spend Summer Vacation at home?

As we step in the month of May, children across India springs up with joy to welcome their longest vacation i.e. summer break. But this time, very similar to last year there is a mixed feeling among children and parents… Continue Reading →

Leap Year (2020) versus Normal Year (2021)

A year is a time period, just like a second, minute, hour or day. We humans are the ones who have decided the duration or length of each of these units. Yes, there is a strong logical and astronomical connection… Continue Reading →

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