Given the scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries have been locked down. We know enough about the virus, the precautions to be taken and the increasing statistics of people being infected. What we wish to discuss here is things to do in our houses for the next few weeks to come.

If you have the privilege to work from home nothing like it; you are occupied for most of the time with your workstation. What about people who are less engaged like kids in the house, oldies, teens and other professionals who cannot work from home. As a head or member of your family you need to plan. Just like you planned your grocery and stocked what is required.

First things first, don’t change your routine. Most of us have tendency to stay up late at night and get up late in the morning when we don’t have office. Kids do the same when they don’t have schools. Remember it’s not a vacation time. If we were doing it for few days that’s fine, let’s get back to our routine. So the overall schedule remains the same we just need to fill in the office hours or the school hours for the kids. The truth is that not a single day will pass without the schedule falling apart, but it still lends a structure to fall back on.

Resurrect your ideas – I am sure we all have something we always wished to do but time was a constrain. Rather I would say an excuse of not doing it. For some it could be their health goal – morning workouts or yoga. For others it could be an idea of blogging, learning to cook, completing a certification, learning a new language, reading a book once bought. It’s time to bring them back to life.

A chaotic home can be a chaotic mind – Imagine yourself after a weeks’ time. Are you eating on the dining or the bed. Or may be eating and sleeping on the sofa! Remember each one in the house is responsible to keep the order. Soon the clutter gets on the head and we feel uneasy leading to frustration and guilt. It’s a good idea to clean your house, sanitize every corner and stay organized.

Sleepers in the cave – Wow! a fantastic time to sleep deeply. It is suggested to increase your sleep time during this period. Which doesn’t mean we over do it but yes we can surely sleep early. On the spiritual side we can reflect and think about our life, its purpose and reorient ourselves in the moral world. We can very well devote some time for planning life ahead. Doing all these with your spouse will add flavors to it.

Cook Stories – If you think you entering into the kitchen can threaten other’s life than please don’t. We are already short on medical facilities! Otherwise it’s a good idea to learn to cook, wash clothes or utensils for a change. To understand empathy better, we can surely swap roles in the house. With stories yes we all have potential of cooking delicious ones. Let the children enjoy listening to them before going to bed.

One story which I can share right now – In 1665, London was hit by bubonic plague. Among the institutions that closed for the duration was Cambridge University, and among the students was a 23 year old Isaac Newton. For the next year and a half, Newton remained at his family’s farm in Lincolnshire, reading, studying, and thinking alone. While the bubonic plague raged elsewhere, Newton embarked on what he would later describe as the most intellectually productive period of his life. In that state of inertia – he could figure out force, demystify the phenomenon of light and unravel the truth of gravity. Yes, the famous story of Apple on his head.

Tips and Links –

Exercise for beginners – Jumping Jack, Standing Lunges, Kneeling Push Up and Plank. For Intermediate level you can check – 7 minutes workout needless to say experts don’t need my advice!

Stories for kids –

Maths practice for kids –

Personally I prefer to on-board on sites that are free through out the year and not just during the lock down. Well then let us pray and hope we come out strong from it, till then Stay home, Stay safe!