Well, this time it’s not Sahil Sayed writing his experience but me Maryam Sayed (his daughter).

It is always exciting to know vacations are coming, we have a break from our routine and an opportunity to plan something interesting. As usual, I was waiting for the Diwali vacation to begin and for daddy to return from Japan. I along with Mummy and Zayd (my younger brother) listed some adventure activities that we wanted to do. Flying was always on the top of our list, we waited for two hours in Sikkim for the wind, and one hour in Kalimpong and now wanted to make another attempt. Nothing compared to our parents waiting time, daddy showed an email that he wrote to Indus Paragliding on 6th May 2016. They have been waiting since then, good for us in a way 🙂

Reply from Indus Paragliding on 7th May 2016

One thing was set, an attempt to paraglide. But what’s next, any other adventure we could think of? I recalled, Sameed chachu going camping with his family. We called him up to get details, and he shared the itinerary but unfortunately, he couldn’t accompany us. But the booking was done for 24th and 25th Oct. 2022. Actually, we wanted to do something on daddy’s birthday but he will go to school on the 31st and the next day even we will go to school.

Let me start with the camping experience first:

My experience of camping was very very wonderful! The timing was from 4 pm in the afternoon till the next morning at 9 am. When I heard that the camp was near a lake, I got very excited. I loved everything there was not a single thing that I did not like; starting from building the tent, swinging on the swing right next to the lake, jumping in the water, playing badminton, hitting the bull’s eye – yes I did score the highest 10 points in archery. The food was very yummy; overall I loved spending time with my family and we clicked many pictures too.

I saw sunset and sunrise from the same spot
No time to get bored when water is around
Bhaja Caves
Thank you Khushaq for taking us through the rough hilly terrain of ups and downs

But for the paragliding, we had a special jeep to take us up on the peak of Kamshet. It was a dense forest with kaccha roads and branches touching our mirrors. It was a ride to remember!

Finally, we reached the peak and waited for the wind to blow upwards. We met Yogi sir, he is the one my parents met 6 years ago. He trained most of the flying paragliders (pilots) in the state.

That’s Yogi Sir with Zayd

The first to take the flight was my brave dad, then mom, followed by me, and then Zayd. Actually, sir was taking us as per our weights. More than the name, the pilots keep mentioning our weights. There was no machine, fuel, or aircraft, just strings attached to the big cloth – paraglider. Apart from the flying experience, the take-off and landing were also fun. I really felt as if I had wings, I was flapping my hands to get the feeling of a bird 🙂 The view from the glider was just awesome!

Everything was under us – the valley, roads, trains, and farms except the Sun

Lastly, we went to the Kids Carnival before going home. Neither the day nor our adventure had an end – But that’s the end of the post. I hope you liked reading it. Thank You!

360-degree Cycle Ride