“Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics; I assure you that mine are greater.” -Albert Einstein

As we have seen earlier in our post, 360-degree view at Maths Anxiety some major causes of Maths Anxiety. In this post, we would like to check our or our children’s level of Maths Anxiety. So here is a simple questionnaire:

Put a number from 1 to 5 next to each of these statements according to whether it is…

Never true (Disagree) 1
Sometimes true 2
Usually true 3
Almost always true 4
Always true (Strongly Agree) 5
1. I am afraid to ask questions in maths class.
2. When maths starts I get a physical reaction in my body, like a headache.
3. I’m not sure I can trust my answers, even on simple problems.
4. I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the class.
5. It’s clear to me in maths class, but when I go home it’s like I was never there.
6. Being asked to “go to the board” to explain a maths idea in a class – even for maths I am able to do at desk – scares me.
7. When I meet students who love maths or do it well, I either think they are little weird or I envy them.
8. Maths never seems to stick, and after I learn it or even get a good grade on it, I still don’t think I know it.
9. I don’t know how to study for a maths test.
10. I understand maths now, but I worry that it’s going to get really difficult soon.

Now add up all of the numbers : _________

Here are your math anxiety estimates:

Less than 20: Wow! possibly you can get a major in mathematics.

20 – 25: You are not too far to be called a mathematician.

26 – 30 Some maths discomfort.

31 – 40 Quite a bit of fear, anxiety, and discomfort with maths.

41 – 50 Very anxious about maths. Talking about and working on this with your teacher, and may be with another adult you trust will help you a lot.

Above 50:  Death by numbers. The Einstein’s quote mentioned above doesn’t apply to you. You are just about paralyzed by maths, yet still alive!

Stay tuned, solutions ‘How to overcome Maths Anxiety’ coming soon!


Image courtesy – Brainy Quote