28th & 29th August 2021, Neral.

Out of so many workshops and training programs, I choose to attend the two-day in-person workshop – ‘Pure Nature Cure’ for three reasons:

Reason 1 – Invited by a trusted friend (Mr. Rupesh Gesota)

Reason 2 – I just came out of COVID-19 hospital ward after two weeks of treatment and Quarantine.

Reason 3 – The word Pure! (I think the word catches my eyeball and appeals to my insights)

Irrespective of our interest area or profession, during the pandemic we all became a little more sensitive toward our health and well-being. After my sister’s medical degree each one in my family completely out-sourced our health issues to her. I literally gave up reading any article or research work in the health care domain. Including the forwards and advice we receive on social media I was completely deaf to it. Things changed for me after being tested positive for COVID-19, I had time to question the health care system and more importantly, I took a dig at my personal routine and health.

It was a strange feeling, How is it that until yesterday I was able to take deep breaths and today I need Oxygen support! What went wrong, what did I do, what did I eat, and which places did I visit? it was a series of questions that I asked myself while I was taken in isolation. After coming out, I wanted to discuss all these questions with a medical professional or someone who cares about me. My sister has been very busy with her patients I choose to look for other health care professionals to give me answers and that’s what made me stumble on the workshop invites.

I called up Ms. Binal – the organizer to know details about the workshop. I was expecting her to give me the rates per person and the availability of seats for my family. She said it’s only for 20 years or plus and there is no price tag for the workshop. Pay after attending the workshop and there is no compulsion to pay. I was looking to close my questions on health care and found the organizers to have an open-ended approach. I didn’t like the idea as we tend to appreciate certainty in life!

Day 1 – I reached the venue, and I was looking forward to meeting my old friend Mr. Rupesh. We had a brief time talking and eating fruits together. The session started with a quiet time, just close your eye and be present!

It won’t be just to describe every detail of every session, instead, I feel a summary should help.

Distribution of Vitality (the state of being alive/active) –

  1. Visible / Physical
  2. Physiology
  3. Psychology
Representation of Vitality

The green colour (conserved energy) is the amount of vitality ready for usage. Red represents depleted energy (loss of vitality due to age) and black is a step toward becoming red or green depending on the individual’s action or behavior. We can consider it as additionally engaged vitality. For example, when we have stress or some disturbing thought continuously processed by the brain we are unable to utilize 100% of the available energy. Depending on the stress level, the black component would increase and the green would decrease. As a result, we are not 100% efficient in whatever we are doing.

Some gems came out from deep discussion or as Mr. Kalyan would say Enquiry. Humans are hedonistic but nature doesn’t induce addition. Conserving energy is relaxed work that doesn’t take a toll on our health. Mr. Kalyan gave my examples related to eating habits 🙂 In this case, he said if we are eating one mango we are not engaging additional energy but if we overdo it let’s say the fourth mango we are increasing our black component. And nature will appreciate that extra quantity and so your tongue won’t find the fourth one tasty! It will try to speak to you and communicate – STOP overeating. Unfortunately, we don’t listen and end up accumulating toxins!

Now toxins have to be eliminated by the body, the body needs to spend additional energy to do so (increase in black). Let’s see our body’s Waste Management System:

  1. Internal waste is released through the skin, kidneys, and lungs.
  2. External waste by excretion (passing of stools) after digestion.

Day 2 – We begin by discussing and enquiring about Impermanence, Pain, and Pleasure. From an organism’s point of view, pleasure is acceptance and pain is non-acceptance. But the vital question is do we hear when our body speaks to us or do we train ourselves not to respond?

Human CLock – 3 R’s

  1. Receiving hours i.e. from 12 pm to 8 pm
  2. Repairing hours i.e. from 8 pm to 4 am
  3. Releasing hours i.e. from 4 am to 12 noon

As an organism/human, the purpose of our body is to grow to its full potential which is limited, and grow in the cognitive domain too which is unlimited. There is no end to thoughts and thinking. But that can be a trap as well if your psychology or mind has implications on the body.

Towards the end, we tried to figure out the relation between the three-domain: Physical – Physiological and Psychological. The natural flow between the three is just so natural.

Physical -> Physiological -> Psychological

PS: Why do we get pimples when we get up in the morning? Check the Human Clock for the answer!

Mr. Rupesh Gesota and Myself
Mr. Rupesh and Mr. Kalyan Sarkar

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