In my view an award is a gesture which speaks about your year long efforts in the field. It is a positive reinforcement to continue the good work that you are a part of. A milestone which pushes you to set the targets higher and above. It becomes a memory and adds few pages in the story of your life.

The Power Play:

Education World is a renowned name in the world of Education in India. They survey schools and find the best program in action. Sometimes the school voluntarily invites them to conduct the survey, true in our case. We (Delhi World Public School, Nerul) wrote to Education World highlighting our work in the field of STEM or STEAM Education. In response we were told that the school is in it’s initial stage (only 2 years old). Once the school grows, give their board exams (CBSE 10th) and has gained stability then we will be interested in conducting a complete survey. We didn’t give up, remember ‘persistence’ – as one of our habits of Mind.

The Middle Overs:

We kept sending them updates related to the students work in STEM lab and expression lab. Which includes the video of our first STEM challenge ‘Float the Boat’, activities conducted in their science and maths classes and the PBL themes in action. Constant hammering and phone interaction made an impression of our determination. They finally accepted our name in the survey list and the survey began!

The Death Overs:

Right from the teachers, school staff and students to even our parents and family friends were part of this crucial stage. We needed every support online and offline, as the jury was reviewing our work on field as well as on social media. Our Google rating, facebook or tweeter posts everything was under the microscope. The list of top ten schools in India was out after an intensive dig into their school profile and work. We were informed about the news – DWPS has been shortlisted.

The Post match presentation:

As they say rest is … We received 7th Rank among the top schools in India under the category excellence in STEAM Education.

Soon after that Times also recognized our work and declared us the most promising school in the Navi Mumbai region.

Recognition by Times Education